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by girlsNames

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Music By Adam
Lyrics by Adam/Emily/Shandra
Artwork By Emily

Recorded in Lucifers Ribcage (Courtice, Ont)
Using Reason 7.1 and Maschine 2.1
Korg Monotribe
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Beats

Thank you to everyone in the world



released 05 April 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Jessica Foster
everything that weve uncovered
leaves us lost and undiscovered
looking up and staring back
feeling lost and losing track

all these things that we have seen
and everything that we have been
leaves us burning up inside
and wondering how quick they died

friday was the day of death
finding out theres nothing left
Track Name: Cordelia Chase
i only started watching angel
a few months back
once netflix had added it to its
bag of tricks

its the perfect combination
of humour and gore
its the kind of show that you
never know what they have in store

angel turned into a puppet
fred was trapped on pylea
angel got darla pregnant
connor aged really fast
spike came back from the dead
to haunt wolfram and hart
after the senior partners
had given it to angel

spike was not coporeal
hed fall thru the walls
he was hunted by a ghost
but fred solved it all

we cannot forget how
cordelia chase
came to la with angel
to help him battle evil
Track Name: Brandi Destructor
breathing in the sarin gas
knowing that my lungs wont last
my eyes have burst
and i cannot see
i dont know what will become of me

they know where you are
aggravating the scar
behavior growing more bizarre
they weher you are
Track Name: Felicia Bucket
the world is yours
to find and keep
buried in a bucket of teeth
that were pulled and
put to sleep
bound and caged
like carboard sheep
we like to count ourselves
as we fall to weep

i am plastic silver
you are golden rust

lockjaw nails
will never find
their place in the sky
every time you open
up your mouth its a lie
people looking forwards
never backwards are
gonna die
stealing childrens stomachs
as the heavens pass you by