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An Act Of Contrition

by girlsNames

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Recorded in Lucifers Ribcage (Courtice, Ont)
Recorded using Reason 7
Recorded between Nov 2014 - Dec 2014

Lyrics By Adam/Shandra/Emily
Music By Adam
Artwork By Adam

a big thank you our lord and savior, Jesus Danzig....


released 24 December 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Girls Are Rad
hate was born in a gunfight
evil destroying all the light
cut out the eyes to limit the sight
the devil has this sewn up tight
Track Name: Reclaiming Indiana
xmas time
xmas time
and i dont have to celebrate

xmas time
xmas time
and i think thats fucking great
Track Name: An Act Of Contrition
everyones speeding
everybodys looking back
everybodys speeding
dying from a heart attack

looking back and try to see
everything inside of me
we can try to track it back
and the run blood inside of me

we can panic really slow
we can panic really fast
we can try to lick it up
but the blood will never last

you will never
find your way
out of this maze
you will die here
Track Name: Radiation Sickness
i dont wanna die in the fallout
i dont wanna die in the blast
if this absoultely has to happen
i hope that i die really fast

why do people have to build these weapons
why do these things need to exist
why doesnt everybody destroy their stockpile
why does all of this persist

all the nuclear powers have thousands of bombs
and i dont understand why they do
when we just need one to go off
and then its over for me and you

then the radiation sickness will come
and there is nothing we can do
the nuclear blast will blacken the sky
and everybody under it will die